Learn How to Apply Iron On Custom Embroidery Patches

Custom Embroidery patches are the most favorites when it comes to Embroidery. Dynamic Dezign manufactures a variety of embroidery patches, and one of our most common patches for easy use and flexibility is iron. These are a great choice for soldiers, helmets, special handicrafts, uniforms or even ripped garments. American Patch can make almost any custom patch, regardless of size, shape or color, based on your design, and it is easy to apply. We use a special heat-activated backrest, which sticks to the fabric.

Until you start, remember that heat seal patches should work best on more robust textiles like denim, strong cotton and polyester blends. Application Iron-on patches An easy way of calculation is that the steel is as heavy as the patch material so that it is suitable for iron on a surface.

custom embroidery patch

You can add iron on household iron patches, but you must use enough space, pressure and time. It’s difficult to run an iron over the patch. We suggest the use of a heat press for the best use. It will be easy to apply your patch if you obey all these instructions.

Check your clothing to ensure that high temperatures do not damage your fabric. Heat Seal Instructions Especially for nylon-like synthetics.

Place the parchment in the garment for application. Cover the symbol with wax paper. Press 40 PSI foam under fabric Caring for Iron On Patches for approximately 18 seconds Now that your textile is firmly fixed to your material, you need to be certain that the garment is washed with cool water. Set the heat presser between 360 and 370 degrees (F) The glue holding the patch in place will reactivate hot temperatures, which cause it to lose. The American Patch team would be happy to create your iron on patches. Please contact us today to begin.

Embroidery Patches Service

Dynamic Dezign provides all kinds of custom embroidery patches as well as Sublimation and Chenille patches. Get in touch with us today and get your patches ready tomorrow.

We provide custom iron on patches, woven patches, custom Velcro patches, custom patches for hats, custom chenille patches, embroidery name patches and other customized patches as well.

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