You Should Outsource Your Embroidery Digitization

Digitization Transformation: The first question I have to ask is why your own sticking method does not digitize itself? Because sticking is an art and every person has its own creativity. The answer is not that straightforward. Yeah, like other works of art,  but we’re doing sticking digitization here,  in fact, phase after the conception of a template. In reality, it is a blend of art and science that digitalization is.

First of all, to respond, we have to understand the issue of embroidery digitization, because we need to outsource digitizing. Embroidery digitization is a process through which an image can be converted and read and sewed into designs into a stitch file. The days that every stick is handmade now for a few days are over, and so the digitalization has taken place so that the computer can be stick to it.

embroidery digitization
Embroidery Digitizing

Now that we have a fundamental understanding of what embroidery digitizing is all about, we can now think about why a browsers digitization partner is more workable than in the house:


Since from above, we can understand that digitization of the embroidery came into being to save costs. Therefore we can get more competitive prices at home if we outsource our digitization work. The outsourcing rates are highly competitive due to competition and are a good option.


Digitizing transformation takes time so that you have less time left for your business if you digitize yourself. A good option is, therefore, to use your saved time to market your business to a trusted digitizing service.

Scaling of Business

You can use your personal resources and technical skills to grow your business if you have a strong outsourcing partner. The scaling of business is easy and quick with a good backend partner.

Enhanced technical skills

If you have an experienced outsourcing partner, you can have good technical skills and take on business that is even complicated and hard to do as easily as you can.

Net savings

It can be expensive to keep an in-house digitizer as many taxes and benefits are accrued, etc., but if someone operates outside the sea, overhead savings follow. These savings will support your business growth.

If you take this into account, you can contact Dynamic Dezign for digitizing services. We charge 1$ per 1000 stitches and our standard turn-around is 2-6 hours.

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