Why Size Matters When It Comes to Embroidery Patches Custom

Embroidery patches custom comes in many different sizes for different purposes. But the question Is, does size matter for patches? Although we can make embroidery patches in almost any size, over the years we have learned that large patches are better. While the seam we make is smooth and clean, when produced on a large scale, it looks a little smoother. The explanation is that we use the same thread when you order a small patch or a big patch.

The large embroidery patch is less wide than the thread if you use the same scale on a small custom patch as you do on a large patch. You’re going to take and twist three bits of yarn. Then you triple the thread bits and tie them together. The larger embroidered patch will appear smoother than the smaller one when you look at both braids. You don’t see a single thread in the wider one, and the same applies to patches.

Therefore, as long as you are free to create embroidery patches custom of any size and look great, you should note that they may look even larger and smaller. Visit our other blog posts to find out more about custom embroidery patches.

embroidery patches custom
Embroidery Patches Custom

Embroidery Patches Custom Services

Dynamic Dezign has been providing services of custom patches to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia since 2013. All our clients are highly satisfied with the quality that we provide. We also provide custom patches to clients outside these countries if their order is more than 100 patches. If you are looking for custom embroidered patches for your apparel, business or for any other purpose then Dynamic Dezign can provide you at the best rates with quantity discounts. Contact us at the given number and get quotations for free.

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