Why Custom Embroidery Digitizing is Important

Custom embroidery files can be converted to readable file formats using the name of digitization transformation. The custom embroidery digitizing process begins with the simplification of complex pictures so that all of the pictures are stitched for a browse. The picture is opened in the digitizing software, where the embroidery digitizing can only point the mouse to define stitches. After modification of the image digitizing it must decide the patching of the design. The layout can be influenced by unintended gaps and missing stitches when the borders are not running in sequence. The stitching process is highly creative and technical.

The next step is to assign the stitches based on the design. Stitches are allocated. This first step starts with the base stitches that are not noticeable in the final design or logo but are necessary for a perfect finished appearance. The bottom helps support the tissue and creates the foundation on the tissue that provides a smoother surface for the upper layer stitches and an increase in width. Three types of lines, fly, satin, and fill are defined. Digitizer ensures that it is ready for the stirring and moving of the stick and changes it to achieve the best results during the work on the cloth.

Save the design The final step is to save the design as an internal file after the design has been destroyed. The digitizer will make a copy for the embroidery to read and understand because the sticking system and the design software have different languages.

digital digitizing
Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Different file formats to digitize embroidery files.

For digitized files, there are different internal file formats.

.cnd The file format used by Melco Software. emb. The file format used by Wilcom Software. sew the file format used by Memory Craft 5700, 8000 & 9000 machines.jef. The format used by Memory Craft.dst. The other file format used by Tajima Commercial Embroidery Machines.csd. The file format used by Poem, Huskygram & Singer EU Embroidery Machines.exp. The stitch based file format used by Melco Commercial Embroidery Sewing Machines. jan. The file format contains the Embroidery’s Object Properties A brand logo has a long-lasting impression on our mind. Custom browsing helps to strengthen the impact of the printout by making it clearer and easier to identify each pattern. AND WARNING: a tailor-made stickered clothing with a brand logo is a walking ad that helps promote the company at high nominal prices. There are some factors that make stickers exceptional.

UNIQUENESS: All design and paint schemes depend solely on you, in order to keep the freshness you can change color & designs whenever you like.

CONSISTENCY: You get a lot better consistency than usual conception with sticker custom embroidery digitizing. It’s a stylish look for your outfit.

DURABILITY: Sticking software prototypes are designed to last for a long time at heavy washing or at high temperatures. Text colors never fade away from the border.

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