Ways to Wear Your Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches make a big comeback and mode-friendly people come up with new and creative ways. Here, our Dynamic Dezign company shares some great ideas for clothing or accessories. Embroidery patches custom are often added to large, white areas, such as the back of the jacket, on the knees of a pair of jeans, a baseball hat front or on a purse. Do anything else and knit or iron your patch in a special setting— sleeves, elbows, hemlines, collars, bag straps and back of the hats are some of our favorites. You will offer unexpected attention to your clothes or accessories.

embroidery patches custom
Custom Embroidery Patches

Attaching Embroidered Patches

Many people attach their patches to the denim or the canvas on their backpack or tote bag in their jeans or jacket. This is a great idea, but why shouldn’t a patch be applied to an odd material? Sprinkle your jacket with plumbing, snap pizzaz, add a few onto your skirt or even personalize your bag to make your wardrobe more imaginative.

Do not be afraid to go crazy and use many customize patches to make a statement. Group similar patches with them or mix and match various patches for an even bolder look (like a number of flowers or flags). This is a particularly good idea if your clothes are rusty, dirty or need repair–several patches will bring them back to life.

There are many different textures for your embroidery patches custom. So don’t underestimate the texture you get from your patches as well. Paired with the right wear. Upset patch or muted color patch can give a distressed look to your sweater, while retro flare can be applied to a felt patch. On the other hand, a thorough dye will create a modern look with sublimation patches.

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