Tips and Ideas for Creating Your Own Custom Patches Embroidered

Custom patches embroidered can be made for any purpose. They can be made for a company, a club member, or any special event. There are many reasons for wanting to make your own individual custom patches. But you may not know where to start if you do not have a piece of art you want to replicate for design. Getting a reason to start are some useful suggestions.

Find out first, what your embroidery patches are to communicate. Do you have a birthday celebration? Did your daughter have a girl service troop project just completed? Would you like a company logo to be included? Are you a business marketing?

Decide about things.

When you know what your custom embroidery patches want to display, choose the visuals you want. Decide how big you want the logo to be if you design a business logo. Perhaps you want to include the years you remember if you mark an anniversary. Maybe you want a tent or trees on it when it’s a camping site. Write down or draw up as many ideas as possible, then limit them to what you want most.

Custom Embroidery Patches
Custom Embroidery Patches

Take into account shape and size. We can create custom patches of almost any size and shape at Dynamic Dezign. Instead of where the patch will be. You can opt for a larger size if it’s on a jacket. Perhaps a medium size if it’s going to be painted. You may want to make it tiny if you put it on a Girl Service Troop or a Boy Scout Jacket. Then take the form into account. We will help you create it, whether it is square, circular, or a “fancy cut” patch with unique lines.

Sticks, tissues, or teas?

The most common patch we can make is an embroidery patch iron on in which the wire is split onto a back and a raised pattern is formed. Woven patches are similar to broken patches, but they are not as raised with thinner fabric. The most popular way of creating customize patches is through color sublimation. We dye the embroidered patch material instead of thread, to obtain the most detail. Before you choose, consider the amount of detail in your design.

Contact us for a free quote if you’ve selected all of these things. You can give us any artwork or ideas and we’ll help you in making your patches including custom patches velcro, patches for hats, custom name patches and many more. Give us a call and we’re started with custom patches embroidered if you know what you’d like, like your brodery coverage, your colors and how much you want.

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