Screen Printing

Screen printing is easy, fun and cheap. You do not have to spend a fortune on the screen printing supplies or equipment, kit or have to own a studio to make good prints. I was taught how I can reuse the old picture frames and curtains for making screens for t-shirt printing then burning them in the sun and cleaning them with a garden hose. The steps were easy to follow and since I enjoy doing screen printing the process was very educative for me. I will share some of the steps I learned and you will agree with me that this is a cheap and nice way to learn to screen printing t shirts.

How to Screen Printing t shirts? The first step is to gather the materials that one needs to use, they include; the vectorizing images that is to be used, to achieve the best image photocopy the image transparently using maximum darkness. One can also paint an image or draw it using a whiteout on transparent plastic.

Separate the picture frames by removing the metal and glass bits, cut a big piece of the curtain and wrap it in front of the frame and around the edges. The fabric should be stretched and stapled into place. After the staples have been carefully been put in place the excess fabric can be cut off around the sides of the frame and one should ensure not to cut too close to the staples lest the fabric frays and becomes loose. Once you have made this screen, use the backs of an old notebook and pour the emulsion onto the screen, both sides should be coated and the excess emulsion should be scooped to avoid any drips, the screen is then left to dry in the dark. It is then left for a while and the sun hardens the emulsion. Any part of the screen that does not get hit by the sun will wash away. The process depends on the quantity of the sun that you have. By the use of the garden hose the screen can then be rinsed off. This can easily be done with a lot of pressure.


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