How to Pick the Perfect Embroidery Patch Design
Custom Embroidery Patches

How to Pick the Perfect Embroidery Patch Design

Embroidery Patch can help you to support your company, group or team is a serious enterprise. Patch design is the perfect way to allow your imagination to flourish, but you should follow certain guidelines to optimize the impact of your custom patch. The American Patch experts here developed a guide to pick or create the perfect patch.

Patch concept shapes and dimensions

Everything has to do with forms. Do you like a dragon or a truck shaped patch? We can do that. We will. The size of your patch configuration is where things get tricky. Take into account who wears the patch or what.

Pick a large patch for: Kids Forehead or Back of the sports jersey: Child’s caps or hips Choose a big patch for a child that looks awesome, the opposite of it is real. A big patch for a child would seem daunting. It would certainly be awesome to create a small patch for a sports jersey. Take also the wearer’s gender into account. For example, a woman on a derby roller team may appear strange with an enormous patch on her back. The concept should be big enough to be seen, but it should not distract you from the game while skating.

Tips and tricks

When you make your embroidery patch, be careful to produce an eye-catching design: the greater the thread and colors used, the muddier the patch will look. It could be less unique if a logo has more than eight colors.

When choosing colors, using color theory. Online you can find different paint wheels to help you pick the best colors to pop up your patch.

Big, more comprehensive patches than smaller ones can be. Render your patch bigger if you need detailed info. Build your heavy metal band with a complicated design? Your guitar case will look cool with an electric guitar with smoke and flames.

embroidered patches

When it comes to architecture, bigger isn’t always better. Does your farm make a patch? A green guy under your name could look super on your uniform’s front side.

You can choose from multiple custom patches embroidered. Classic embroidery is always a pinch of the eye or dyeing if you want a snapshot of your patch. And, with our hybrid custom patches, you could have the best of both worlds. Using the above instructions, you will create a magnificent patch that will separate the organization from the crowd. Please feel free to contact Dynamic Dezign today for more information.

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