Graphics are an important part of our life and everything seems to be modernized or automated already. Cell phone companies release new models of smartphones every day, the dream of having tablet computers are also realized now. These gadgets can do a lot of stuff and even multi-task. Machines that make life easier are also the in thing nowadays. But even if everything seems to be run by computers today, some old traditions and hobbies still remain the same. Though albeit a little different from what they used to be.

There are tons of daily activities that are slowly but surely being modernized, back in the day, making coffee contains a lot of steps, but now, you can just push a few buttons on your state of the art coffee maker machine, and voila, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If you don’t fancy making your own, coffee shops are peppering the streets of cities all over the world. Aside from fancy coffee, one of the traditional activities that got modernized is embroidery.

Our Technique

Dynamic Dezign uses specialized computer machines that transform raw artwork to vectorizing artwork and embroidery digitizing, sent in by the customers, to embroidery patterns and screen printing tapes. The company ensures that the best quality of work is delivered to customers. The designs of the patterns undergo a keen observation to make sure that it is exactly as the customer wanted it to be. They can use digitizing tools such as Wilcom and Tajima Pulse to create embroidery patterns for caps, left chest part of t-shirts and dresses, the back portion of jackets and puffs.

Graphics designs art has now a new face in the world of designers, not only were they used in creating posters or background images for websites, now it is also used to create modernized designs for embroidery patterns. It surely is a mix of tradition and modern technology. You can even custom create your very own patterns and then send it to Dynamic Dezign for them to be able to transform it into a digital embroidery pattern.

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