About Us

Dynamic Dezign offers an array of services such as digitizing, vectorizing images, logo designing, garments, and custom-made patches. Excellence is at the heart of the services we provide in the quest to satisfying our customer needs, therefore, we tend to focus on the finest details of the services we are providing to our customers.

Dynamic Dezign is a US-based company situated in California.  We have several clients pinned across the globe embracing our embroidered patches, digitization, vectorization, garments, and logo designing services. As exhibited by the name, Dynamic Dezign possesses a very dynamic and versatile team that is on hand to respond to any changing demands of the customers. This also includes our after-sales follow-up services which exhibit that we are always ready to assist our customers. The most reverberating part is that we don’t take extra charges for the rush jobs.

Why Choose Us?

Dynamic Dezign has been providing excellent vector, digitizing services, and custom patches since 2013 with the best turn-around time and affordable prices. We are sheer specialists in digitization, vector, logo designing, garments, and custom embroidered patches which means the end product we provide is a sumptuous one. At Dynamic Dezign, we ensure that the product we are providing our clients is of immense stature by having a Quality Control team assigned for this specific purpose. Team lead directs the work to vector or digitizing artists depending on the service requested. After completion of the design, the patch is forward to the Quality Control team for inspection. Then it is further inspected by the administrating staff before being dispatched to our customers. Only then we demand the payments from our customers.
We are available 24/5 a week, if you are ready to obtain our services, then we are ready to provide you the best service.