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Dynamic Dezign has been offering digitizing services since 2013 at 1.50$ per 1000 stitches which mostly covers left chest and cap logos. Embroidery Digitizing is the best and new technique to present extraordinary and beautiful embroidery designs. It includes variety of different stages that are done to create special and lovely digitized embroidery designs.


Dynamic Dezign provide vectorizing images services with thousands of customers worldwide. Our prices for vectorizing starts from 10$ for simple artworks. Vector images are images that can resized without any loss of quality which is best for printing and high-res display. We offer great quality and affordable vectorizing with quick turn-around time from our expert visual architect.

embroidery patches

Embroidery Patches

Apart from Vector and Digitizing Services, Dynamic Dezign also provides custom embroidery patches as well as Sublimation, Printed and custom Chenille patches. Embroidery has been a well-known type of artwork for many years. Many individuals love the great look and feel of customize patches. These custom embroidery patches not just show brilliance in passionate colors but also have a portion of depth that adds to their quality service.

logo creation

Logo Creation

A custom logo design is a visual base point of your image that shows its character and qualities in a graphical manner, includes a picture or/and some text. Our embroidery logo digitizing assist you get remarkable logos in few hours.

Embroidery Digitizing

Our outstanding Embroidery Digitizing is priced as low as $15 for designs under 5 inches. We are proving digitization for embroidery since 2013.

Dynamic Dezign has a energetic group of digitizers that provides extraordinary embroidery digitizing. There’s no artwork that we can’t digitize exceptionally. Whether, it’s a logo, left chest, 3D puff or any other complex artwork, we can do digitize image with the utmost ease and swiftness. Our client manifest ranges from giant corporations to small-sized businesses and also the individuals from across the world.

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JPG to Vector Art

Get your artwork vectorized for as low as $10 with the best turn-around time of 2-7 hours.

More than a large number of online customers from everywhere throughout the world picks Dynamic Dezign to vectorize images. Our artists are master in creating Vector Graphics. Regardless of what amount rugged and obscured your raster picture is, we make it fresh, sharp and adaptable vector picture in the most limited measure of pivot time.

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The Work Flow



Visit Dynamic Dezign Website/ Register

Visit our website and register for free to join. Also you can simply call us at 323-834-9117. We are available 24/5 to respond to your inquiries. Feel free to contact us.


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Order Placement/Quote

Provide us the relevant instructions to place your order & we will send you the price quote accordingly. This will takes 4 to 6 hours for us to dispense the digitizing or vector files.



Order Planning

Soon as you place the order, the quotation is sent to the digitizing or vector head who directs the work to the artists.


processing (1)

Order Processing

Once the artists complete their digitizing or vector design, they send it back to the team head for a check-up. It is then forward to the Quality Control team.



Quality Control

Design goes through rigorous quality checks to make sure the design which customer receives is of high possible quality.



Administrator Evaluation

The administrator further evaluates the quality of the design



Swift Delivery

The designs are then sent to the customers


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Customers are obliged to pay for services employed. Payment can be made through PayPal, Debit/Credit card or via Wire Transfer.


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