4 Reasons to Choose Woven Patches

Woven patches are one of the custom embroidery patches that we provide. We create a wide range of products for your needs at Dynamic Dezign. Our woven patch is one of the most popular types and differs from an embroidered patch. The woven patch is formed together to shape the custom embroidery patch by weaving threads. It offers a variety of benefits. Here are four explanations for choosing custom woven patch:

Specifications for Woven Patches

Embroidered patches can be chosen depends on the amount of detail in your painting. If your artwork includes more detail, we are better able to achieve it with a woven patch than with broken patches. By weaving a thread on a substratum, we create broken patches, reducing the level of detail we can achieve. Nevertheless, the woven patch uses delicate threads locking together. It helps us to look in greater detail.

woven patches
Custom Woven Patch

Custom tissue patches

Tissue patch is the one if you are searching for a slim and versatile patch. As they don’t use a substratum, we have a more thin profile than a typical patch on our custom woven patch. It makes it easy to add it to lightweight fabrics. Woven patches, tops, trousers, sheets, and more are easy to handle; you will not be worried about their rigidity.


We make all of our embroidery patches with the finest quality threads at Dynamic Dezign. It guarantees the reliability and quality of our embroidery patches. In reality, our threads can be scratchy and faded and even washable by the computer. You can bet yourself that you will last many years when it comes to personalized woven patches.

Look custom woven patches

We make both embroidery and woven patches with threads, but each one has another look. You have a thick, 3-D look with a split patch; you get a smoother, cleaner appearance with a twisted patch. We suggest you to choose custom woven patches if you like patches that give you a polished dimension. Such patches can be used, from festivals, commemorations, and shows for all purposes. Let’s create patches that we know you’re going to love.

Custom Embroidered Patches

If you’re looking for custom embroidered patches, Dynamic Dezign is the place who can provide you custom embroidery patches as well as Sublimation and Chenille Patches. Call us today for a free quote.

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